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VOUS ETES ICI was founded by Francis Boeske and Hans Gieles in 1990 as a publishing house of limited editions. They are now hosting a diverse exhibition programme in their new gallery space at Amsterdam's NDSM-werf. 

VOUS ETES ICI runs The Guesthouse, for which they invite guest curators.
VOUS ETES ICI collaborates with Destijds Design, hosting art & vintage design furniture.
VOUS ETES ICI organized the 1st edition of
Amsterdam Drawing in September 2012.
VOUS ETES ICI moved to the NDSM-werf in Amsterdam-Noord in 2012.
VOUS ETES ICI opened the gallery in the Lijnbaansgracht Gallery Complex in 2000.
VOUS ETES ICI participates in international art fairs since 1998.
VOUS ETES ICI started publishing books on gallery artists in 2003.
VOUS ETES ICI's logo was designed by Esther Noyons in 1990.
VOUS ETES ICI offers the
KunstKoopRegeling for Dutch residents.
guest curators to make a gallery show.
VOUS ETES ICI offers a contemporary art course for starting collectors.
VOUS ETES ICI programs conversations between art professionals as
films on the website. 

For more information call us: +31 (0)20 612 7979 or mail us.

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